Junior High 

Grades 6-8

Epic Summer Sports Camp

August 2-5

A full week sports camp competition

Cost:  $ 105

One Youth (Grades 6-12)

Once a month we partner with  Convos Youth Zone for One Youth, where there's always music, food, games and lessons for life as a teenager.

June 26, July 31, August 21) @ 7-9pm

Join Convos Weekly Junior High Program

Wednesdays from 2:30-5:00pm (last event is June 15 until fall)

Pool, ping pong, snacks & games.  Bring your friends!

4995 King Street, Beamsville.

Upcoming Events:  

Softball Game (June 5), 2-4pm at Jordan’s Lion Park (2793 Fourth Ave)
       Canada’s Wonderland (July 16)  All Day
       Bonfire (August 16)  7-10pm  - Location to be announced

For more information about any of these events contact dylan@calvarygospel.ca