Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring? 
No items are required. We'd appreciate if you could pre-register so we keep everyone safe.  You're welcome to bring your own Bible, or we'd be happy to gift you a Bible if you don't own one!

Where should I park?
Park in the lot to your right as you come in the driveway.  There is also extra parking on the sides and at the rear of the building.  If you need accessible parking,  continue straight to the back then around to the south side of the building where several spaces are available.

What door do I come in?
We ask that everyone enter the door on the south side of the building, under the carport.  At the entrance you will be checked in, or registered if you did not do so ahead of time.

Where will I be seated?
An usher will guide you to your pre-assigned seat.

Are children welcome in your services?
Yes!  At Calvary we love to have children be part of our service.  You can request a family table if this would help your children be more comfortable.

Will I meet people like me at your church?
Yes, we're a church with a mix of all ages and life stages! Currently, the parking lot is where we catch up and make new friends.

Is your building wheelchair or walker accessible?
Calvary has a ramp from the south entrance to the worship centre level.  We also have a stairlift to the basement area.

Where are the washrooms in your building? 
Accessible washrooms are conveniently located in the entrance by the ramp.  We also have a washroom in the front foyer and the basement.

Still have questions?

Let us know if you have a question we haven't answered.